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Start your weight loss with simple steps

In life, we have different stages and different body type compositions. It would be great to maintain the same body composition all year round. I'm not saying that it can`t be done. But if life gets in the way and we forget to pay attention to our training and nutrition strategies we will eventually get extra fat.

At this point in time is a matter of realizing where we are and start taking action as soon as we can and start simply, don`t overcomplicate it. START WITH SMALL STEPS.

The more strict you are with following these steps, the better results you will get.

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Let`s come back to our steps.

1st step - control your nutrition by avoiding takeaways and basically get lots of veggies and protein. Instead of reaching for the chocolate try and get an apple instead. This sucks you think, it might at the start but after you finish that apple you won't even think about that chocolate anymore. Your sugar level will rise and you are set. Or if you still feel the need for chocolate I bet you will not get more than one piece.

You get the idea so far?

2nd step - start doing some crunches, some squats in your break time, or when you are bored at home. Especially now that we are working from home and we might spend all day in front of the computer, get off the chair and do something, start spending those extra calories. Stop being lazy the more we moving the better.

Start at your workplace, be smart try to challenge your work buddy, who has better form, who can do more, who can do a pelican squat (single leg squat) and the list goes on, have fun with it. If you are self-conscious this is going to help out because it looks like you and your buddy are awesome and kick-ass training anyway is going to help in your weight loss journey. In a word increase your activity level = spend more energy during the day.

3rd step - Be smart with your sleep. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and get the benefits of steps 1 and 2. During sleep your body changes and makes all the magic happen so BE SMART WITH YOUR


4th step - If you follow along so far and you did these small changes into your day-to-day activities you will already see improvements in your body composition. You will be happier, you will get compliments from your friends and family you will be motivated. You might want to buy some gear but you don't really know what... Just buy dumbells and one kettlebell, see on the next post why and what to do with them.

5th step - start working out more seriously and get some cardio in. You might hear about cardio at your friends who hate it or maybe you try it before but it didn't work for you, that's fine you will miss out on so much more than just increasing your stamina, improve your lung oxygenation, increasing your blood flow - what's so great with that you might wonder? - By getting higher blood flow levels you will get more nutrients to your muscular system, and what we do with nutrients? - We grow the muscles if, combined with weight lifting

6th step - Get stronger and be consistent. It will take more than one week and expect that. If you are falling behind get back on track as soon as you can, you already made some progress is no need to get back where you started BE SMART.

Follow these steps and get a better mood overall feel more energized in day-to-day life, stronger and fitter. As I stated at the beginning of this article, this is not the best approach to lose weight, it's far from it, not the faster as well. It's a great way of improving the quality of our lives and implementing long-lasting good habits into our routine.


Be the best version of yourself!